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About fta

Most shops take weeks, even months to fulfill orders. Here at FTA we get right to work on orders as soon as confirmed. We guarantee a fast turnaround time and a high quality product for each customer.

#FTACustom apparel in Phoenix, AZ

At FTA, we pride ourselves on being able to offer custom printing and embroidery at an affordable price. We can print apparel and promotional items for all of your needs; from the big league to the little league, schools to churches, businesses to non-profits. We offer the highest quality in product, service and customer care.

Why choose us?

We do everything in-house, so you get a complete package that is tailored to your needs. We do Embroidery and Screen Print work, as well as design and fulfillment. We take a lot of pride in the fact that all of our products are made in our own facility, by us, and by hand.